Deploy Go code to Heroku with GitLab CI

Introduction I’ve created a very minimalistc repository to show, how to deploy Go code to Heroku using GitLab CI. Automatically triggered on push/merge: golint go tool vet go test -race deploy to staging (automatically) deploy to production (manually) How-To Create a new Heroku Pipeline. Set up as many Heroku apps in this pipeline as you need (e.g. staging and production). git clone this repository or copy whatever you need. [Read More]
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Web development with Go

Screenshot Description When I learned to program, I’ve never focused on web development. I was more interested in old school CLI backend programming. Furthermore, PHP never attracted me so much, but was (and still is) the programming language of the web. After some time of learning Go, I realised it was used more and more for web development, as an alternative to PHP, Python, or Ruby (on Rails). After reading some articles about web programming with Go, I was thrilled: Doing web dev just felt like writing anything else in Go, no big framework necessary, just needing the fundamentals of how web dev works (and I did lack these fundamentals). [Read More]